The Skivvies are the real thing. There’s talent, musical sense, and a swinging, smiling band of rogues that give a high adrenaline show. This is a band that honestly loves alt-country and roots music, and mixes it with a tuneful punk sensibility. And perhaps most surprising of all, they have a guitar case full of heartfelt and catchy original tunes.

The band was the brainchild of Stewart Burrows and his partner, Terry Simpson. Formed in Montreal in the summer of 2006, The Skivvies recorded their first album of Stewart’s original music the following year. The band’s sound came together as a hard, swinging, foot-thumping edge welded to the bluegrass, celtic and alt-country influenced songs.

The album was critically acclaimed and is beginning to garner some radio play. The band has gone on to tour venues and festivals across eastern Canada and Europe.


These four (and sometimes five) friends played together until 2009, when some of the founding members left to pursue other projects. The Skivvies have now become a conglomerate of some of Quebec’s best traditional and modern musicians….. You might not know which Skivvies will arrive at the show, but, rest assured, they all wear the band’s motto close to their heart: Good Hard Folk is Just what You Need!